19 - 20 March 2024, Texas


Keynote Panel: Capturing the Value Provided by Energy Storage to the Grid

March 29, 2023 10:30
 - 11:20

Storage played a significant role in the recent California heatwaves and outages and is playing a more significant role in ERCOT. This session will examine how energy storage assets have changed (and will continue to change) the grid planning and operations across the US.

  • The role of storage in getting around some of the transmission and interconnection issues in areas prone to concerns around power supply reliability caused by extreme weather events
  • How Virtual Power Plants and microgrids can help with congestion reduction
  • Renewable energy curtailment management which in turn can help meet state policy goals
  • The flexible capacity value storage can provide to the grid
  • Transmission deferral
  • Storage resources providing ancillary services

Moderated By

, Vice President, Solutions
, SunGrid
, Operations Manager, Distributed Energy Resources
, Center for Sustainable Energy (CSE)
, Global Head of Utilities and Energy Storage
, Prologis
, Market Design & Development
, Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT)
, Vice President, System Operations
, California ISO
, Policy Director
, California Energy Storage Alliance