19 - 20 March 2024, Texas


Keynote Panel: How is the US Moving Away from Traditional Manufacturing and Building Out Domestic Capacity?

March 29, 2023 09:15
 - 10:10

As many Tier 1 suppliers look to moving their facilities closer to home, how do they plan to ramp up their production and manufacturing capacity in the US, without disrupting the supply chain any further?

  • What is the plan to de-risk the move to a more domesticated manufacturing sector?
  • Which actual components will be manufactured in the US, and which partnerships should be strengthened in the EU to make sure our supply chains are resilient and globally connected?
  • What is the Federal administration doing to boost and incentivize domestic manufacturing capacity?
  • Which technologies will fit into an industry which is aiming to manufacture closer to home?
  • How does the industry plan to bridge US demand until US supply is ready? How might those ‘bridge years’ be impacted by tariffs, and what lessons can be learnt from the solar industry?
  • What does financial support from the government look like, and what are the other resources for capital in this area?

Moderated By

, Head of Energy Storage
, BloombergNEF
, Sales Director, West Region
, Fluence
, Batteries & Critical Materials Supply Chain Manager, Manufacturing and Energy Supply Chains (MESC)
, US Department of Energy
, Senior Director, Business Development
, EOS Energy Enterprises
, Global Head of Integrated PV Solutions
, Lightsource bp
, Vice President, Procurement
, esVolta