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How Software Improves Performance of Standalone and Co-Located Assets

March 29, 2023 10:10
 - 10:30

Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) promise to smooth out the intermittency of renewable energy production and deliver a consistent, predictable flow of energy to state and national grids. However, asset owners and traders are now faced with new challenges to solve. It is necessary for them to operate in the wholesale and ancillary markets of the various ISOs using BESS provided by multiple OEMs. Therefore, a data platform and several BESS agnostic building blocks such as EMS, SCADA, Storage Fleet Monitoring & Storage Advanced Analytics help to increase efficiency throughout the design life of the BESS supporting both operations and trading teams. A modular architecture and interplay between edge and cloud that adapts to both standalone and co-located storage projects solve the challenges and provide long term, flexibility, scalability, and ultimately profitability.

, Head of BESS
, Envision Digital