23 & 24 March 2022


Neva Espinoza

Vice President, Energy Supply and Low-Carbon Resources
Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)
Espinoza Neva

Neva Espinoza is the Vice President, Energy Supply and Low-Carbon Resources at the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI).
In this role she is leading a team focused on the research, development, and application of technologies for safe, reliable, and affordable power generation while supporting energy transformation in the power system. Research areas are focused on a range of energy supply technologies, including both existing and future generating assets and how they can be best leveraged in a deeply decarbonized power system. This includes the existing fossil fleet, large-scale renewable generation assets, bulk energy storage, and the production and use of low-carbon energy carriers.

In addition, Espinoza is leading the Low-Carbon Resources Initiative, in partnership with Gas Technology Institute, to accelerate development and deployment of low-carbon technologies.