Compare and Contrast: The Canadian Energy Storage Landscape

Time: 16:40 - 17:10

Date: 2024-03-19


Discuss the evolving energy storage market in Canada and the unique economics of energy storage projects.

  • Comparative economic analysis: What are the distinguishing factors, policy and trends between Canada and the United States?
  • Provincial Policy, Requirements and Frameworks: What critical policies, regulatory and support mechanisms needed to foster growth in energy storage?
  • Provincial Front-runners in Energy Storage Deployment: An examination of which provinces are currently spearheading energy storage deployment in Canada, investigating their strategies, achievements, and challenges



  • Sarah Simmons, Power Advisory LLCSarah Simmons Director, Utilities and Innovation - Power Advisory LLC
  • Alex Simakov, Energy Storage CanadaAlex Simakov Director of External Affairs - Energy Storage Canada
  • Barbara Ellard, IESOBarbara Ellard Director of Markets & Procurement - Ontario Independent System Operator
  • Jordan Penic, Sussex StrategyJordan Penic Director, Energy - Sussex Strategy

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