23, 24, 30 & 31 March 2021


Please note that all times are in EST

Keynotes and Plenary Sessions

 - 12:20
Opening Remarks with Energy Storage News & What's In Store?
 - 13:30
KEYNOTE PANEL: Biden on the Horizon: What Can a Fresh Administration Bring to the Market?

The newly elected President Joe Biden brings further hope to a market which is already making waves globally in energy storage. After a hard year hindered by COVID-19, 2021 and a new administration will be welcomed with open arms.

  • The administration is already promoting energy storage as a key part of upping the ante on renewable energy in the country – what policy can be easily passed to help this?
  • Which renewable sectors should be decarbonized first and how can this in turn help with the acceleration of energy storage?
  • Biden’s 'Build Back Better’ plan to help the economy post-COVID and the prospect of job creation related to the storage market
  • Focus on fuel poverty and reducing costs for consumers – how will this translate into new policy incentives?
 - 14:35
FINANCE PANEL: Will Investment for Energy Storage Really Flood the Market in 2021?

A positive sign for the market; many believe that this will be the year for a ramp-up in investment specifically for storage projects. This group of leading investors and financiers come together to discuss key topics and predictions:

  • If there ends up being more capital than projects, how do you encourage deployment for these types of projects?
  • The different avenues to overcome merchant hurdles: taking a hybrid approach
  • What will the ongoing role of PE firms be in the battery storage sphere?
  • The emergence of funds dedicated to raising capital and indifferent to size or scale of projects
 - 15:35

Enjoy some virtual networking and catch up with the rest of the industry through our fun speed networking hub, or why not visit the Virtual Exhibition Hall and interact with our innovators showcasing their products and technology?

 - 16:20
PANEL: Making Money from Batteries: Optimal Strategies
  • Strategies for optimization in real-time arbitrage markets
  • Where are the best arbitrage opportunities in the US right now and who is taking advantage of them?
  • How do you make money on a commercial basis without any contracts in place?
  • What will the evolving revenue streams for battery storage look like in 3-5 years’ time?
  • Understanding battery capacity and avoiding pitfalls through software innovation