Keynote Panel: What is Currently the Biggest Barrier to Deploying Energy Storage in the US?

Time: 09:15 - 10:00

Date: 2023-03-28


The industry is often described as being at an inflection point, and is on course to be the largest market in the world for energy storage. The passing of the IRA has only strengthened the case for renewables across all verticals, however the industry still has some concerns it must face head-on in order to keep up with the pace of the growing market.

  • Are mounting supply chain, procurement issues and elevated costs the biggest inhibitor to deploying storage projects?  
  • With an estimated 1444 GW of renewable generation in the queue, nearly 1,900 projects and many more jostling for a place on the grid, what needs to happen at the transmission level to make sure these projects are not being delayed by too long? 
  • Is the onus on federal or state-level government to address the interconnection issues: should individual RTOs set up expedited queues and look at updating eligibility criteria?
  • How do we ensure that infrastructure build-out in terms of distribution and transmission is on track to hit 2035 targets for renewable capacity?


  • Helen KouHelen Kou Senior Associate, Energy Storage - BloombergNEF


  • Kevin LynnKevin Lynn Director, Grid Modernization, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Office - Department of Energy
  • Will McNamaraWill McNamara Senior Policy Analyst, Energy Storage - Sandia National Laboratories
  • Erika BierschbachErika Bierschbach Vice President, Energy Market Operations & Resource Planning - Austin Energy

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