Bud Collins Speaker at Energy Storage Summit USA 2024

Bud Collins

Vice President & General Manager, ESS Division American Battery Solutions

Bud brings more than 35 years of leadership and expertise in developing and deploying power, energy and energy management solutions with Industry leaders such as NEC Energy Solutions, A123 Systems, American Power conversion and Tripplite. Bud joined A123 Systems in 2007, where he served as the Vice President of Engineering & GM with responsibility for A123’s systems development efforts across the corporation. In 2013, Bud became the President of A123 Energy Solutions, with responsibility for A123’s Grid & Commercial business. In 2014, he led the sale of the division to NEC of Japan and served as the CEO of NEC Energy Solutions until 2017. Today, Bud is an advisor to some of the largest players in the Energy Storage industry, as well as providing technical and business advice to emerging players in the battery and energy systems markets.

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