Darrell Furlong Speaker at Energy Storage Summit USA 2024

Darrell Furlong

Director of Product Management & Hardware Wärtsilä

Darrell Furlong is Wärtsilä’s Director of Product Management and Hardware for the Energy Storage and Optimization business line. Prior to Wärtsilä, Darrell was the Director of Electrical Engineering at NECES, where he was responsible for the electrical engineering development on energy storage products. During his tenure he delivered numerous energy storage solutions incorporating: LG CHEM, Samsung, and A123 lithium-ion battery technologies for utility-scale energy storage, AGV, and UPS applications. Darrell was also VP Engineering at Gridco Systems, where he is was responsible for the development of a 50kW voltage regulator for the low voltage utility distribution network. While as Gridco, Darrell was an active member of the IEEE 1547-2018 standardization effort to define the grid interconnecting technical requirements for distributed energy resources (DER). He has also held roles as a founding member of Concord Data System, Concord Communication Systems, Metrobility and Sagamore Systems.

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