Judy McElroy Speaker at Energy Storage Summit USA 2024

Judy McElroy

CEO Fractal Energy Storage Consultants

Judy is CEO of Fractal Energy Storage Consultants, a leading international energy storage consultant firm, providing analysis, procurement, due diligence, advisory and owner’s engineering of energy storage projects.  McElroy is a chemist by trade with energy consultation services spanning over 5 Gigawatt of energy storage and hybrid generation projects. McElroy has expanded Fractal’s reach into regulated, deregulated and emerging markets around the world supporting electric utilities and major developers transitioning into energy storage. McElroy has devoted major efforts towards creating utility education, awareness and policy support to enable energy storage technology planning and procurement.  Prior to Fractal, McElroy was the Chief Marketing Officer for two energy storage companies.  McElroy was also co-founder of Fractal EMS and Fractal Advisory.

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