Michael Kendzierski Speaker at Energy Storage Summit USA 2024

Michael Kendzierski

Senior Business Development Manager - Energy Storage Wärtsilä

Michael Kendzierski has over a dozen years’ experience in developing and commercializing emerging energy businesses and technologies. Michael’s formative introduction to energy and renewables occurred during his time in the GE Leadership Training Program at Gexpro (Rexel) where he helped establish and manage vendor relationships for a new solar solutions group  building a national distribution supply strategy during the industry’s hyper growth in the early 2010’s. From there Michael has continued to pursue a passion for understanding the mechanisms accelerating transformation of the energy landscape. As a result, his career has spanned work in energy efficiency services, thermal and solar generation, software and energy storage.

In his capacity as a Senior Business Development Manager at Wärtsilä, Michael has been instrumental in enabling the company’s continued growth as a leading tier 1 integrator through origination and management of critical relationships across the energy storage value chain. This has resulted in execution of dozens of Equipment Supply, EPC and Services Agreements that total more than 1B USD.

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