Ray Saka Speaker at Energy Storage Summit USA 2024

Ray Saka

Vice President, Business Strategy and Services IHI Terrasun

Ray Saka is the Vice President Business Strategy and Services at IHI Terrasun Solutions (IHI Terrasun), a system integrator of battery energy storage systems for utility scale projects. Saka is an expert in inverters and inverter-based resources with years of experience in renewable energy. Saka has worked extensively on new utility-scale storage project development, key partnerships, strategic business planning, competitive analysis, and innovative technology assessments for US renewable PV and energy storage markets.

Saka has written several articles on inverter reliability, solar & energy storage coupling, and presented topics at utility conferences such as Intersolar North America and European Union, and Greentech Media events.  He is also a member of the P2800.2 working group to define testing standards for the new IEEE2800 Grid-Interconnected Inverter Based Resources.

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