Senator Sarah Eckhardt Speaker at Energy Storage Summit USA 2024

Senator Sarah Eckhardt

Member of the Texas State Senate State of Texas

Sarah Eckhardt is honored to have been elected to the State Senate in 2020, now serving most of Travis County in SD-14.

Senator Eckhardt has deep roots in Central Texas and deep commitment to improving opportunity for all Texans. After receiving an LBJ School Master of Public Affairs and law degree from the University of Texas at Austin in 1998, Eckhardt worked for eight years as an Assistant Travis County Attorney. In 2006 she was elected to serve as a Travis County Commissioner representing 300,000 people for 7 years; she was then elected as the Travis County Judge presiding over the Commissioners Court and representing 1.3 million people for another 5 years.

Eckhardt’s public service experience includes emergency response, health care, workforce & economic development, criminal justice, water policy, and budget & finance. Senator Eckhardt believes that elective office is a temporary trust bestowed by the people who elect her. She values policy above politics, and believes that government exists to assure that opportunity is within reach of every Texan.

Senator Eckhardt learned public service from her mother and father and is inspired to continue serving by her son and daughter. Her mother Nadine Eckhardt and her father Congressman Bob Eckhardt served Texas and especially the most vulnerable Texans in the halls of the State Capitol and the US Capitol. Herchildren Nadine and Hank inspire her daily to make Texas a better place for generations to come.

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