Long-Duration Energy Storage Powering the Future

Time: 14:00 - 14:40

Date: 2023-03-28

Theatre: Room Two


With grids the world over coming under scrutiny and their resiliency being put to the test, one of the answers is seen to lie within the future role of long-duration in the storage eco-system.

  • Highlighting the importance and influence the ISO and utilities can have on mandating use of different technologies
  • What is the role of the federal government?
  • Which are the chemistries that can provide 8-10 hour duration?
  • Long duration energy storage can eventually replace natural gas, the question is when?
  • How will storage fulfil resource adequacy constructs in the future?


  • Jin NohJin Noh Policy Director - California Energy Storage Alliance


  • Anadi JauhariAnadi Jauhari Partner - Emerging Energy & Environment Investment Group LLC
  • Balki IyerBalki Iyer Chief Commercial Officer - e-Zinc
  • Joe FerrariJoe Ferrari Vice President, Sales - Americas - Energy Dome
  • Anna SiefkenAnna Siefken Senior Advisor, Office of Technology Transitions - Department of Energy
  • Mike DeSocioMike DeSocio Director, Market Design - New York Independent System Operator

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