Joe Ferrari Speaker at Energy Storage Summit USA 2024

Joe Ferrari

Vice President, Sales - Americas Energy Dome

Joe Ferrari has close to 2 decades in the energy space with an eye towards helping utilities plan for and meet 100% clean energy targets. He is currently VP Sales (North America) for Energy Dome, working to accelerate the energy transition through long duration energy storage. His prior experience includes 2 years at MAN Energy Solutions where he positioned advanced storage technologies, from renewable fuels (seasonal storage) to thermal storage (long-duration) and started an energy consulting arm within the company. Prior Joe worked for 15 years at Wartsila North America, Inc., where he participated in the sale of over 1 BUSD in fast/flexible capacity in North and Central America and spearheaded market development efforts for the energy transition using simulation tools such as PLEXOS™.  This experience led to the writing of a book to help guide utilities, policy makers and academia in terms of charting the optimal path to 100% clean energy systems (Electric Utility Resource Planning: Past, Present and Future).  Throughout his career he has focused on optimization approaches to meet goals such as clean energy targets, while simultaneously minimizing costs and maximizing reliability. Joe has also held a position at the University of Maryland as a research scientist (landscape ecology) and brings an understanding of the challenging interplays between energy and environmental concerns.

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