19 - 20 March 2024, Texas


Long-Duration Energy Storage Powering the Future

March 28, 2023 14:00
 - 14:40

With grids the world over coming under scrutiny and their resiliency being put to the test, one of the answers is seen to lie within the future role of long-duration in the storage eco-system.

  • Highlighting the importance and influence the ISO and utilities can have on mandating use of different technologies
  • What is the role of the federal government?
  • Which are the chemistries that can provide 8-10 hour duration?
  • Long duration energy storage can eventually replace natural gas, the question is when?
  • How will storage fulfil resource adequacy constructs in the future?

Moderated By

, Policy Director
, California Energy Storage Alliance
, Partner
, Emerging Energy & Environment Investment Group LLC
, Chief Commercial Officer
, e-Zinc
, Vice President, Sales - Americas
, Energy Dome
, Senior Advisor, Office of Technology Transitions
, Department of Energy
, Director, Market Design
, New York Independent System Operator
, Executive Director
, Long Duration Energy Storage Council